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Glentree Furniture adds to its range of top quality mattresses with the new Back Supporter and Platinum Latex from The Natural Sleep Company.

The Back Supporter mattress boasts a very firm bonnell spring system that offers total support but a cushioned feel. It has been an instant hit, clearly filling a gap for those looking for an extra firm mattress in what is already an extensive range.

The Platinum Latex mattress is a new high quality offering from Natural Sleep. Boasting “exceptional temperature and motion control for a wonderful sleep”, The Platinum Latex is created with a pocket spring system and a substantial layer of latex, a natural alternative to memory foam that promotes ventilation for a cooler all round experience while also preventing allergens or dust mites from aggravating asthma and allergies while you sleep.

With its fabulous new showrooms in the heart of West Cork in full swing, Glentree Furniture has even greater variety and choice not only in Mattresses but also in Beds, Sofas, Table and Chairs, Occasional Furniture as well as rugs pictures and Lamps. Definitely worth a visit to Dunmanway West Cork…


Advice when buying a mattress

  •  Ensure your mattress suits your individual needs

  • When it comes to mattresses, one size does not fit all.

  • Multiple types of mattresses that offer a range of benefits depending on your exact support needs.

  • Pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam, latex and coil spring for the support you need while sleeping




  • Adapts to the body.
  • Supports where needed
  • Individual coils for adapt to weight


Pocket Sprung

  • Advanced support
  • Individual springs retail shape longer
  • Springs enclosed to retain support
  • Quality sprung support

Memory Foam

  • Warm to the body
  • Mould to the shape
  • Superior comfort
  • Luxury sleep


  • The most advanced material
  • Totally natural
  • Moulds to the body
  • Anti-dust-mite properties
  • Luxurious sleep

Back Care

  • Lumber support
  • Eases back discomfort
  • Patented technology

Cold at night

  • Lumbar Support
  • Comfortable sleep

Comfort Range

  • A quality, comfortable mattress – essential for a good night’s sleep. Our natural Comfort mattresses contain a sprung interior with a variety of layer options to suit your requirements.


Spinal Support Mattress

  • Our Therapeutic mattresses offer excellent orthopedic and lumbar support and a range of health benefits, helping to correct spinal alignment, reduce allergy triggers and regulate body temperature.
  • Features & benefits:
  • Firmer feel for comfort and support
  • Pocket Sprung Mattress
  • Two-Sided Mattress
  • 1000 Spring Count
  • Side Edge Supports for a better feel all round
  • Luxurious Layers of Foam Fillings
  • Extra Layers of Quilting and Soft Touch Fabric#


Platinum Latex Mattress

  • Features & benefits:
  • Exceptional temperature and motion control
    for a wonderful sleep
  • Natural latex to make sure nothing stops you from getting the sleep you deserve.
  • preventing allergens or dust mites from aggravating asthma and allergies while you sleep.
  • It also helps you achieve a more restful sleep.
  • Regulating your body temperature with its cooling effect.
  • incredibly supportive, moulding to every curve in your body to prevent back pain and give consistent support over time – without the extra cost.


  • Royal Mattress

  • Sleep in luxury
  • The Royal Mattress was created as the perfect all-rounder in comfort and support, guaranteeing a great night’s sleep.
  • The design provides premium spinal support, by combining 75 mm of super soft foam with a pocket sprung interior. This spinal support adapts to your body’s natural curves to offer constant support throughout the night.
  • However, the comfort doesn’t end there. The durable knitted fabric top layer is incredibly soft, making sure you enjoy the feeling of getting into a new bed every night.

Therapeutic Range

  • The very best mattress that money can buy.
  • Our Therapeutic mattresses use only natural materials to reduce allergy triggers and regulate body temperature and offer excellent orthopaedic and lumbar support by helping to correct spinal alignment.
  • A natural mattress with extra support, comfort and cooling
  • The Natural Latex mattress is fully organic, and never compromises on comfort.
  • The plush ten-inch-deep natural latex core conforms to every curve in your body to provide unparalleled support.
  • Perfect for side sleepers, who need a little extra help to keep their backs straight throughout the night.
  • A soft knit fabric which makes getting into bed a dream.
  • Self-ventilating, keeping you cool while you sleep, giving you the rest, you deserve.


  • Natures Touch Mattress
  • (See our full range of Natural Sleep Mattresses in store)


M lily Mattresses



Gel Foam Series

Gel 200

  • Gel 200 layers.
  • The 200 is simplified memory foam comfort
  • A layer of our advanced Cooling Gel Memory Foam that is soft and supple,
  • With a supportive layer of our firm Flex Support Foam.
  • Two layers, one result: a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep.





Gel 500

  • The 500 is the upgraded version of the Gel 200.
  • With added thicker layer of our supple Cooling Gel Memory Foam combined with an extra-supportive layer of our firm Flex Support Foam.
  • Two layers, one result: a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep with the same Mlily guarantee.


Harmony Pocket Gel Series

  • Harmony 2000
  • A more luxurious upgrade to the Harmony mattress.
  • A soft-spring M series into a single layer, dispersing pressure and creating a softer feel of comfort.
  • It’s not as firm as the Harmony, but it’s also not as deep as the Harmony 3000. This mattress is more about balance and is just right for someone who wants the best of both worlds. 


Dream Series

Dream 3000

  •  A deeper, more refreshing sleep
  • Our nanocool Ice Fiber delivers a cooler, more natural sleep surface.
  • With our Performance Memory Foam & our Hybrid design to enhance oxygen and blood circulation.
  • 3000 Hybrid and X springs deliver the support you need to get a deeper, more regenerative night’s sleep.




Aria Firm Mattress

Flex Ortho Foam

Our Flex Ortho Foam provides a firmer, more supportive layer engineered to ease back and joint pain.

Cool Comfort Gel

Our advanced Cooling Technology is infused into our Mlily Memory Foam. This provides a more natural, refreshing feel that is adaptable to you.

Hybrid Technology

Our Hybrid Technology has been custom-built for performance. This bed is crafted to help you recover quicker and sleep more completely.

Zoned Support Foam

We’ve engineered our Zoned Support Foam into the base, creating a pocketed system of support which maximizes air-flow and comfort.

Hybrid Mini-Springs

Our Hybrid Mini-Springs are specially designed to individually adjust as you sleep, aligning to your body’s own natural contours.






Ambience Pillow

  •  Memory Foam
  • Memory Foam for the better feeling of luxurious support and pressure relief.
  • Better Feeling
  • Formulated to be soft and supportive as well as durable consistent.
  • Cool Comfort Gel
  • Cool Gel is the ultimate in cooling technology and in this pillow, there is a pad of cool gel bellow the head area to create an immediate cooling comfort
  • 3D Mesh Fabric
  • Enhanced airflow which further helps create a more comfortable night’s sleep.





Mattress Topper

Not happy with your current mattress? Try our specialized Serene Toppers for the complete Mlily experience.






Mattress toppers


  • Built with our latest and highest-spec MLILY Comfort Foam
  •  Designed to mould to your natural contours, realigning your spine and creating a pressure free surface that eases joint and muscular pain.
  •  A specialized 3D Mesh Fabric on the exterior, ensuring air flows freely through the topper to create a breathable, cooler sleeping surface


Respa Mattresses



Respa has been producing premium 100% Irish handmade beds in Oldcastle, County Meath

 for over 70 years, since 1947. Combining the best of traditional craftsmanship with the most

 advanced technology and high-quality materials. Respa are an approved member of the

National Bed Federation, adhering the highest quality standards.


Pocket 1200 Mattress

  • Features
  • Respaform pocket spring system, sleepfresh technology
  • 6 years technology


  • Product details
  • The best-selling pocket in the pocket series
  • It offers comfort & support for a good night’s sleep
  • A pocket spring system for allows for a greater distribution of body weight & added comfort
  • With sleepfresh technology with Actipro 100% natural probiotic with contains anti allergen properties stopping dust mites and bacteria in their tracks.


  • Harmony 2000

  • Respaform & mini pocket spring
  • Sleepfresh technology & foam encapsulated
  •  6-year warranty
  • A foam encased mattress with pocket
  • Respa from pocket 10000 spring system – with an upholstered layered of Coolcell foam for thermoregulation – keeping nice & cool.
  • Soft feel – edge support for non-roll off – natural probiotic
  • sleepfresh technology with Actipro 100% natural probiotic with contains anti allergen properties stopping dust mites and bacteria in their tracks.
  • Luxurious knitted fabric
  • Micro quilt pattern
  • Non turn mattress – 33 cms high


Firm – Medium – or Soft feel – Try in-store